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Is your computer acting funny? If you suspect or detect viruses, please contact us immediately. We are experts at removing viruses & protecting your files.

Most computers can be upgraded to improve your computers performance. We can add more memory, new modem, network cards or replace other failing equipment.




(Wired/Wireless) Considering networking multiple computers together? A home network allows your computers to share photos, documents & videos. A wireless network is the cutting edge way to connect all of the PC's & laptops in your home. Wireless networks are perfect for people who want to connect multiple computers or laptops w/out the hassle of running network cables.

Onsite Computer Repair Services

Are you sick of taking your computer in to be fixed? Let our trusted repair technicians come to your home or business to solve your computer troubles right on the spot.

Data Transfer, Back-up & Recovery

If your computer were to crash or be stolen, would you lose important data? TI Computer Services recommends installing a DVD Burner or an external HDD. We can help you back your data safely, we also offer data recovery services that can try to uncover lost files resulting from viruses or hardware malfunctions.

System Restore Creation

We can create a custom CD/DVD restoration disk set so that you can restore your system to its current configurations w/ all software & drivers so that you won't need to spend hours setting up & reinstalling all your software & system settings.

Online Support

With one click on our support page, you can give us access to your computer so that we can diagnose your computer issue. This will allow us to more effectively solve your computer problem. Our technicians use repair software to diagnose and resolve your PC problems while you watch.

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